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Home Inspection with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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I too think the pictures flash by too quick in that video.

I did a warranty inspection on a 10 month old house. They had a whole house media system with speakers and controls in every room. They had classical music on at a low volume during the inspection and I found it very relaxing. That inspection is now responsible for my growing appreciation for classical music.

I really like this piece.


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Thanks. I appreciate the comments.

I got the idea while Googling a house before a job. It had all the Trulia, Movotno, Zillow info etc, with pictures, but this horrible, bulldozer property (not the one in the video) also had a YouTube slide show of the house with this same piece by Mozart. It was hilarious.

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This may be the first thing i've seen of yours with little (no) redeeming value. Not even particularly thoughtful imagery.....just a stinker house.

There's an idea in there somewhere, maybe reworked with other images.

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