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Send me 3k and I'll go out in my front yard and scream great things about you.

Seriously though, me thinks you can find much better ways to burn 3k. Yelp, like all other review based sites are only as good as the reviews on them.

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What's the general opinion of Yelp? Someone from there called me recently selling me on paid premier placement on their web site. The cheapest deal is over 3K a year.

It's great to cultivate positive reviews on Yelp. But the whole idea of the site is to provide honest reviews from customers. It's about consumers talking to consumers. The notion of paying for placement is anathema to most Yelp users and you might find that the paid ads actually drive business away from you.

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What you pay for is placement on the page, the same as google or any other search. . .

Yes, but just as with Google, when you do a search, the results that are placed at the top of the page because they were paid for are obvious - at least they are on my browser. Most savvy consumers can easily spot and avoid the listings that have been paid to float to the top.

As with Angie's list, I encourage people to leave reviews, but I don't pay for ads or placement.

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