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basement window egress question

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client wants to update older home windows and thus need to meet egress requirements. One of the windows is in a basement bedroom with brick foundation wall.

They can meet all egress requirements without changing the header or widening the rough opening but to get the bottom of the window opening to maximum code height would need to reduce the sill plate height at the window location to .5 inch. that gets the opening just below 44 inches from the floor and avoids cutting any bricks.

Anyone see any issues with this?

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I doubt the AHJ would make a fuss over 1/2 " but then if it's a brick foundation wall, how difficult would it be to remove only one course of brick?


Thanks Marc, not too difficult for the brick but then it gets too close to grade outside and they would have to start moving and possibly retaining dirt too. The sill reduction gets them to code in all ways at the least cost


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How about some thick carpet padding?

roger that, another room downstairs has indoor outdoor with no pad and the scenario described would only work if we did as you suggest. luckily that room doesnt need egress.

Considered a step but its already a pretty small bedroom.

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