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Age of old Carrier heat pump

Sam Morris

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That serial number is January 1985.

I'd recently found on the net copies of the applicable pages from the Carrier Policy Manual (Appendix A) that explain how to read Carrier's numbers. I've been meaning to update the TIJ furnace chart but finding the extra time lately has been really tough. Here's the link if anyone wants it:

http://hvac-talk.com/vbb/attachment.php ... 1295891922

Anyway, Carrier used multiple formats - Ten Digit Alpha-Numeric; 52F Series Nine Digit Apha-Numeric; Seven Digit Alpha-Numeric; Seven, Eight and nine Digit Apha-Numeric; Eight Digit Alpha-Numeric; and Ducane manufactured furnaces used eight or nine digit alpha-numeric preceded by the number 58 and letters with the letter year and month in the last three places, and a ten digit Ducane alpha-numeric system with a six digit sequence number followed by a twi digit year and two digit month.

The 7 digit system used letters indicating the month followed by single-digit year. Your's is a 7-digit serial number.

They used letters A thru M (Omitting I) for 1970 to 1979 and N thru Y (Omitting O) for 1980 to 1989). So, your's is N (Jan) 5(1985) followed by the sequence number 06851.



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