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Can any one tell me who may of made these posts? I could not find a label on them.

I need to look up and see if they are permanent post

I know we have talked about this type of post before and I will look up the tread about them later tonight.

Thanks for the help.

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If it's not stamped you won't know who made it. I contacted Tiger Brand jack posts many years ago. The rep told me their basic screw jack is designed for temporary or additional support, not as a primary support. If the top, bottom and screw are secured they work great and hold up tons and tons of weight.

Here's their link. You can call and talk to someone. That's what I did.


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I have read, possibly right here, that the permanent posts will have welded ends, not just pressed or crimped together.

Permanent posts will be heavy gauge steel.

Also when installed, the threaded rod should be welded to the nut so it can't be turned.

If none of the above, you got temporary jack posts. Easy one. [:)]

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