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Boat builder built a staircase

John Kogel

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Gary's 2 X 4 stair rails reminded me of this place.

The stairs don't comply with the building code because of the open treads, and I didn't measure the gap between the uprights, but it looks greater than 4". It's an art piece, so I wasn't going to be critical.

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I didn't notice the detail in the newel or the wood balusters, the first time I looked. Sweet!

The stairs don't comply with the building code because of the open treads

John, did you happen to measure the distance between them. The treads look like they're about 2" thick. Depending on the rise, as long as you can't pass a six inch sphere between them, they would conform.

BTW. Where can one purchase a 4 3/8" and a 6" sphere?

Hey, you need a way to the second floor at your place. You should give it a go.

Tom, I just ordered the stacked stone tile for the outside of the bar around the kitchen and am still three walnut doors away from finishing that project. I can't afford stairs.[;)]

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