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Sump pump question


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The client nor I knew what it was. He said the bathtub would not drain correctly sometimes and this thing would make it work OK? It was just outside a crawl space and it didn't really seem like it was uphill to a city drain, but maybe it was.

Thanks for getting back to me on this.

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When that pump kicks on the bathtub drains OK? Then it's a waste grinder/ejector pump and its job is to liquify the waste and send it up to the city sewer. If it's outside a vent pipe with a goosneck on top and a screen on the inlet to keep out bugs is all that's needed. You'll want a vent on the tank. You don't want the thing causing the system to suck traps dry.

There should be an alarm system installed on that sucker to warn them when the tank isn't pumping out so that they'll know to stop using the sinks, toilets and baths. Otherwise you end up with a tank like the one below that's clogged with - Yuk, condoms and sanitary napkins and such.

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