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what style

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Thanks for the info everyone.

Good article Bill!

I'm inspecting this one today. The google earth pics show it has an addition on the back.

I suppose I'll be looking stuff like buried oil tanks, out dated electrical, fire stoppage issues due to balloon framing, lead paint and asbestos possibilities.

It has two chimneys. I seriously doubt I'll be able to look directly at the crowns but I'll pay close attention to the upper masonry work. I wonder if there's enough of an edge to climb out that attic window.

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If there is an interior chimney, the chase is open from the basement to the attic, fire hazard.

The usual rat droppings, maybe vermiculite insulation added later, asbestos everywhere, loose plaster ceilings - check for excess cracking, push up on the plaster, check for movement.

Windows painted shut, galvanized water supply pipes, and of course K+T.

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