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Radon monitors, moisture meter, and Tif8800a


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Hey Kevin,

Sad to see you close up shop. If the radon monitors are available for local sale, I will buy all three today for $1,000 and you ship. Don't need cases.

Let me know.

Did it slow up or just sick of it!

Well damn! I was thinking of trying to snipe one of those 1027's. Looks like you what 'em more than me though.

BTW Les, why would you not use the case?

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Hi Les, I've got a local offer similar but will let them run their course, thanks though.

Just decided after 11 years I want to do something else. Money is good, but tired of the BS and I'm blessed enough to have been doing this on the side so I have the luxury of moving on. Want more time at home and not to be glued to the phone and email :)

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