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Rusted Porch

Mike Lamb

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This 4 year old porch has some superficial rust to the decking and some not so. Is there a rule of thumb as to what is too rusted?

I'd say this decking is about 1/4" and is peeling and rusting pretty good top and bottom in some areas. Until the rust is cleaned up I don't know how much good steel will be left. Maybe 3/16" or less.

If this has occurred in 4 years is scraping and painting going to do much good? Bad steel?

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Is the stucco actually touching that steel? I think there's a lot of alkalinities in Portland cement that don't play well with steel when the steel is exposed to the air.



It's EIFS covering the back of a 100 year old brick 8 flat. I can't believe that covering the old brick with this stuff was more economical or aesthetically pleasing than re-pointing and cleaning the old brick. The rest of the walls were in great shape.

There was no undue rust where the steel deck or ledger came in contact with the EIFS.

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