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Asphalt shingles at lower edge of metal roof.


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This 1890 house has a metal roof (of which a few pieces were found across the road, courtesy of hurricane Sandy). The bottom 18 inches or so is asphalt shingles. I've never seen this done before. The closest to this I've seen is roofs in the Berkshires that have about two feet of metal at the bottom. I've always assumed that was done to combat ice damming.

Anybody have an idea why the asphalt shingles were used?

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The bottom edge rusted out and then the deck got rotten. They used a metal-cutting blade to surgically remove the bottom couple of feet of rusted metal cover, replaced the rotten decking and then installed the asphalt shingles because they didn't know where to find matching replacement metal roofing sections.

My best guess.



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