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Hard-working washer pump.

John Kogel

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The pump has to blow water 7 feet up. There's an air gap where the PVC fits into the ABS. The ABS pipe carries the wash water across the ceiling to the far wall, where it dumps into a waste pipe.

I told my client this is not the way to set up a laundry in the basement. He needs a sump and a grinder pump. The poor little Kenmore washer pump can't last working this hard. Or can it?

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Somewhere in the washer's instruction book, it will say exactly how high it can pump.

Edit: Just checked my own Kenmore washer. It says 72" max from the floor. I don't know how old it is, but it's ancient. We've been married for 26 years and we had it before that. New ones might be different.

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Thanks. This is about 86" floor to ceiling. I'll check the manual.

Edit - the manual for newer units indeed says Min 24" Max 96".

I guess it's ok then and it is certainly managing. I imagine waste water sits in the hose but there's got to be a check valve at the pump.

Jim, congratulations on both your washing machine and your wife. We could place bets here, but that would be evil. [:)]

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