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Coincidence, small world, or.....?

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So, two weeks ago, and then a week ago, I did a couple of inspections for a client who has moved here from out of state. That client had a short but unusual last name, Ukrainian in origin according to the intertubes. No big deal, just a name I had never come across in my many years on the planet and one unusual enough that a Google search of his first and last led me straight to him, with no other options.

Then today, I get a call from a client referred by one of my few regular agents for an inspection in a different part of town. The agent and referral is not connected in any way to those other inspections, but it turns out this client, also from out of state (a different one), has the same odd last name. So, naturally, I had to ask this new client if he knew the first. It turns out that, yes, he knows the first client by name, and is somehow related, but has never actually met him. He wasn't aware they would soon be living in the same area.

With hundreds of inspectors in my area, what are the odds that these two would both move to the same city at almost the same time and, without any interaction, just happen to end up with the same home inspector within a week of each other? Maybe in some small backwoods town where everyone is related, and there's just one inspector, this might not be unusual....but it seems almost Twilight Zone bizarre to me. "Dee dee doo doo, Dee dee doo doo!"

Should I be buying a lottery ticket or hiding under my bed?

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I once inspected a condo unit for an older couple who were moving down from a smaller town. I said "Do you know the XXXX's from the same town? I inspected the unit beside yours for them last year." Well, they had never met, but they were impressed that I could remember back a whole year. [:)] And they had a burn spot in their E panel, same as their neighbors from the same town. Wow.

Nothing special happened to me, tho. No lottery win, no pot of gold. [:(]

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It's a sign,

You now have to give away all of your possessions and make a pilgrimage to the himilayas. The most important part is disposing of all monetary assets. All monies have to be given to someone who has all of the following letters in their last name, lives within a fifteen mile radius of you and drives a blood red Subaru truck.

A - D - E - H - L - N - O - Y



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Heck, I once inspected a house on Yamhill Street in the town of Sheridan in the morning and another house on Sheridan Street in the town of Yamhill in the afternoon.

Coincidences happen, it would be weird if they didn't. If you haven't heard it before, check out this very interesting episode of Radiolab:


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Kurt wrote: Harmonic convergence. You're about to turn into pure light and understand how to stop the universe.

Hmmm, another wrinkle in the program! It just so happens that over the last 3 nights, ending yesterday, I watched the Matrix episodes back to back. True. I have long suspected that Kurt is the Oracle.

Mike O. wrote: All monies have to be given to someone...

Weird! The wife and I just happened to update our wills Sunday night. Really. No particular reason for doing so. OK, not so weird. I just checked it again and no mention of red Subarus. Sorry.

Jim K. wrote: Coincidences happen, it would be weird if they didn't.

Of course, but you could play nice like the others. After all, I was just put here for the chuckles.

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