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Those sons of b*tches, the Bumpuses, still living next door?

I watch that movie every year, and every time I get very nostalgic. I was Ralphie's age in the late 50's (just a tad later than depicted in the movie) and I also remember wanting a Daisy air rifle. Sadly, I never got mine. We were living in this house in Port Colborne, Ontario at the time...

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif 106Forest.JPG


Courtesy of Google Earth but much as I remembered, less a row of large Elm trees along the street at the left. We left in 1958, when I was 8, to return to England due to my father's terminal disease. I was kept unaware of the seriousness until he died a couple of months after returning. My few, happy, childhood memories of my father, that house and being raised in a small Canadian town are stirred each time I see the movie. Life would have been much different, if only....

Anyway, it's why I'm here now. I was drawn to my memories of this side of the pond and grabbed a chance to be imported to Toronto as a programmer back in 1974. Seattle happened later. Christmas Story, even though it's a comedy, and perhaps more than any other movie, can still make me tear up.


Enough of that soft crap! Happy New Year all you old bastards!

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