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Need an A/C Filter ???

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When filtrete first came out 16 - 17 years ago they claimed that their filters were 29x more efficient than the common filter. Looks like they've lost some ground.

I saw the commercial this morning - "Mike Holmes - America's Most Trusted Builder" - was the caption next to him on the screen.

The saying hasn't been trademarked yet. So, if you really don't like the guy and want to mess with him, just whip out a little over $300 to file quick like a bunny with the USPTMO to trademark that phrase.



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Dunno what to say

I do - Marketing! I would be amazed if the ad's quotation could be traced back to something Mike Holmes actually said.

I knew someone once whose image was used in a magazine ad for womens hair coloring. There was a fair amount of quotation in the ad and all of it was made up - not an ounce of truth in it.

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