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HI Artography - Nickel in a Dryer

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Is that not the Jefferson Memorial on the back of the Jefferson nickle? Or is it not Monticello? (The memorial may just be a knockoff of the mansion on the mount).

BTW, when I visited UVA the coolest Jeffersonian design I saw was the single-wythe serpentine brick garden walls. (When you have a wall with a six-foot amplitude from top to bottom of serpentine layout, it is self supporting without lateral buttressing).

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I know politics are verboten...that's why I posted in response to Tom's comment. We cannot take the media's metaphor about what goes on in the broader scale of things as anyway being a reflection of "life on the planet". It really is, with apologies to the Bard, "a tale told by an idiot".

Besides that, who here has seen those serpentine walls of which I speak?

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Y'all may have heard this, no more pennies in this country. We will now round 3 and 4 up to a nickel or 1 and 2 down to a zero. Bad for morale, but good for the economy.

Now I can drill pennies and use them for washers without fear of repercussions. There is no cheaper washer than a Canadian penny.

The Canadian penny for many years has had an iron core. I used to sort them from the 'silver' with a magnet. Nowadays, all the coins will stick to the magnet. [:)]

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My father flew in the Berlin airlift in 1948-9. I have some steel German coins that came in a coin-slot operated mechanical Glockenspiel kind of thingy that spun brass punctured discs on a horizontal axis. The brass burrs strike the metal soundboard (an arrangement of metal plates) to make tingly music. The whole thing sits in a wood cabinet with feet and runs on a big spring wound by a hand crank on the side.

Some of the coins are copper, some steel. The steel ones have these Nazi symbols (eagles and swastikas and crap), and look creepy. Sadly, the steel ones have oxidized from ambient moisture and are not in good shape.

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Creepy. That guy's coins don't look so rusty, tho. I'm told that as a three-yr old I spoke more German than English, as our family, living the conquerer's life in Weisbaden, had the luxury of a local "nanny" who took care of me. On return to US, after dad's untimely death piloting a military plane that crashed into a snowy mountain in France, my grandfather took me to a soda fountain, paid for fountain cokes (which he called "dope") with a nickel, which I supposedly pointed at and declared, "Das is ein pfennig!"

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