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For Mike O

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Hi Douglas,

That's a kewl Avanti.

Wasn't the Avanti the last new model, right before they closed?

No, the Avanti was introduced in '62 and ended pruduction with the 64 model year that was introduced in late '63. The South Bend plant was shuttered in December of '63 and production was moved to the Hamilton, ON plant.

The rights to produce the trucks and the Avanti were sold off to another company - not Studebaker - that came out with the Avanti II in 1965.

The Wagonaire was the last distinct model introduced in 1963 and ended production in 1966. Some Stude dudes will argue though that Wagonaire was not the last model introduced and that the Cruiser, Daytona, Commander and Challenger models introduced in 1964 (ended '66) were distinct. These were all longer wheelbased Larks with cosmetic changes and Chevy engines.



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A friend of mine had an Avanti and I spent a lot of time behind the wheel- but more time under the hood. The one thing I remember most is the body roll. If you turned hard left, you could just about scrape the right side door handles on the ground.

Yeah, I believe it.

Except for adding disk brakes, the 60's Stude suspensions used by the Larks and Avantis were pretty much 50's tech. The frames are a little light too. Hell, the frame of my Toyota crown was beefier than the frame of my '58 Packard Hawk and the sway bar was about 30% thicker.

Don't care though. Waited more than 52 years to get my P.H.. It might take me ten years to finish the restoration but I won't care 'cuz, 50's suspension and brakes and other failings or not, I've finally got my dream car.

Oh yeah, and something else. I shared Douglas' photos of that Avanti with the folks on the Studebaker Drivers Club forum and an hour later I got an email from the editor of the Avanti Owners Association International. He wanted to use Douglas' photos in their calendar next year and asked me to get in touch with Douglas and have Douglas get in touch with him.

Long story short; two hours later he had his photos and this year's calendar is on it's way to Douglas and I.

Thanks for posting those photos, Douglas. Now I can replace the kitty cat calendar the real estate lady sent me with one of cars.




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I remember the car ads but never saw one up close. I always felt it needed a grill or it would have overheating problems?

I had a 1960's Grant Avanti guitar amp, built here in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. It is now sitting in storage at the Victoria museum. No mention of the amp in Wkipedia. (sniff)


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Avanti (in most uses, Italian for ahead, forward, or before) may refer to:

The Studebaker Avanti, a model of automobile built by Studebaker

Avanti cars (non-Studebaker), a replica model by Avanti Motor Corporation following the bankruptcy of Studebaker

Avanti (project), a UK Government sponsored programme to assist construction project partners to work together more effectively

Avanti (label), a sub-label from Black Hole Recordings

The Avanti Kart, a racing go-kart manufactured in Italy by JM Racing

Avanti Corporation, an electronic design automation company

Avanti!, a 1972 film

Piaggio P.180 Avanti a business aircraft

Avanti! (Italian newspaper), the official newspaper of the Italian Socialist Party

Avanti Kingdom, a historic kingdom in India

A name for the city of Ujjain, which was the capital of the Avanti kingdom

Avanti (bicycle manufacturer), a New Zealand based bicycle manufacturer

Austrian chain of gas stations, operated by OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH, Vertriebscenter Avanti

Avanti Communications, a satellite broadband provider

DC Avanti, Indian designed sports car from DC Design

Avanti Products, an appliance company based in Doral, Florida, USA

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That Avanti was a head-turner...However, it was competing against one-hell-of-a-good-looking car at the time.. The Corvette Stingray... and hands down... 'the far better looker'.. :)

That color was used on a lot of cars in that period.. My Dad's 1966 Impala Coupe was that color.. Nice shots ...

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