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Of course depends upon what the AHJ has adopted and (more importantly ... enforces).

Most of the local D/FW AHJs are reasonably current with NEC and IRC.

That being the case, yes the AFCI product would have to be in place as well as GFCIs ... at least in the garage. I am going to assume the SEP is located in the garage.

The receptacle in the ceiling for the garage door operator also has to be GFCI protected. (Don't even ask why on this one)

I know many others know far more about the details for such, but that is the approach I would have.

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Well done main and sub panel on a flipper, but no AFCI's. Seemed weird to go that far without doing it all. But you can't grandfather in a new panel without AFCI's. GFCI's were in place at the outlet locations.

They put laminate over the old garage slab floor that was made into a bedroom which seems like asking for trouble.

A door swings over the step down into this area.

Plumbing below had very poor support.

Made the carport into a garage with a window and door with glass to main house on one side.

Grout down on top of tub.


Must be no permit or no final?

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The receptacle in the ceiling for the garage door operator also has to be GFCI protected. (Don't even ask why on this one)

A fault in the opener can energize the door, track and hardware.

One of the gals my wife works with had such a fault. Every time it rained she would have several dead frogs in front of her garage door. I don't know what they were after, but there was enough potential between the door and the wet slab to electrocute them.

This went on for months. She's lucky no one was hurt.

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The pictures show a lot of evidence of work other than panel replacements. The meter main has a chase nipple out the back that contains branch wiring and the feeder for the 2nd panel. I think that the new panel was placed over an existing panel and that the and that existing panel is a conceled juntion box. I think that I see old braided NM entering through the chase nipple along with newer plastic sheathed NM (rewired house?). Is there a 3 wire circuit entering the panel behind the breaker for the sub panel?

The sub panel looks as if it also has new wiring in it and I belive that a rewire would require AFCI.

Most flips are lipstick on a pig and since most inspectors don't check permits on file with the AHJ, I hope that you recomended that the buyer visit the building department.


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