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Is this (formerly green) mold dead?

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I'm in college, so I move frequently. Last summer, I packed up my stuff in big plastic bins that went in the uninsulated garage at my parents house. When I moved back to school in September, I found that one of them had an open bag of rice in it, wrapped up in a rubber band, and there was green mold all over it. (However, the mold is localized near where the right

I got rid of the rice, but I've been horrified of the box ever since, and now its been left unopened for 8 months. Now I need to pack up for my sublessee to move in, so I finally have to deal with this thing.

My apartment was usually in the high 50s and low 60s through the winter, and the box is definitely in a "cool, dry place." I looked at the mold today and it is now grey and powdery, and still largely localized to where the bag of rice was, so it seems like it's probably dead. Pictures are attached.

Here's the main question: is it okay to clear everything out and reuse the box to pack up? I'm definitely throwing out all the food and toiletries. (There is no change that I'm messing around with the contact solution that's in there, for instance.)

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