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Slip potential

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Astro-turf it!

I like old folks, way older than me, because they don't ask "How long will it last?" They want 10 years with minimal grief, that's it. The kitchen is small and old? "No problem, so are we, and we don't eat much."

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A 90 year old lady's AstroTurf yard. The handrail gets a big thumbs-up, too.

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I find wooden decks and especially the wood stair treads treacherous. In certain weather, moisture from morning dew can flash freeze creating slip/fall concerns.

I actually took a fall from this condition on my neighbors steps while caring for their dog while they were on vacation. I broke the fall by extending my arms out behind myself but my shoulder joint took all the stress. It took at least 6 months for that pain to totally go away. Bruised my hip too but that got better in a week. My shoulder took a long time to get better.

As far as moss is concerned, I think the thin layered stuff, especially when its wet is more dangerous than the thick overgrown stuff. With the thin layer, you don't anticipate a safety issue and thereby don't realize how slippery it can be. That's when you fall.

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