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Client stuck up for me

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I was doing an inspection on a rather large home for my client who happens to be a judge on a Maryland court. The owner of the home thought I had spent enough time and basically said that "her agent told her it would only be a couple of hours and I had already been there three hours, now that is enough!" Before I could react, my client, in the very best court room voice, said "The home inspector will take as much time as he needs, with no interference, is that understood?" Owner looked at me and I just pointed to my client and kept on working. Loved it.

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I would have loved it too. I'm sure every home buyer feels the same way in that inspectors should have whatever time they need without interference. I, as I'm sure most of you are the ones who usually lay down that law. It certainly would be a nice change to see the buyer grab the rein. Especially with that kind of authority.

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