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A few golden oldies

Terence McCann

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I see a couple like that every few months. They've got heavy steel and cast iron heat exchangers. That itty-bitty gas burner probably can't hurt 'em. Their biggest deficit is the asbestos. Otherwise, they'll keep going until someone gets sick of them and decides to replace them with something more efficient.



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We see them in the greater Boston area. Where is the asbestos?--"snow man without his pretty white(grey) skin". Appears to be a coal fired furnace-converted to gas or oil then gas? The air quality in both the tenacles (octupi) must be off the charts.The client will be blowing this old dirty conditioned air around his house through filty ducts. Only the great HVAC god knows what is lurking in the furnace and connected ducts. I would recommend replacing the furnaces and any reachable metal ducting. Have the balance, professional cleaned and tested. When a new efficient furnace is installed, the existing remaining ducting may not be sized correctly. Good reason to remove all the ducting---and start over.Gas company may have an issue with a 100 year old unlined chimney. May have a problem getting rid of the old furnace and ducting. The asbestos police may hold things up? There are a lot of these 100 year old double/triple deckers in the greater Boston area.Renovate?? then condo-ize the flat. Lots of amatuer GCs handling the renovations.Lots of thin ice and minefields thru out these buildings. Gotta luv the big box stores and the handyman books. Seen it done on TV--how hard can it be?[:-banghea

Jack Ahern Needham on the Charles

Bridgton, Maine

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