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What venting material is this?

David Meiland

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This is not my photo and I didn't look at this one. Mostly wondering about the foil tape and about how much single wall is allowed. I believe single wall is allowed up to a masonry connection like this, but if the chimney is B vent, what is the rule?

The application of foil tape is usually an attempt to resolve a symptom, but doesn't address the actual problem.

Single-wall vent connectors are fine for connecting gas equipment to a masonry chimney or B-Vent, as long as it's not in an unconditioned space.

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Unsupported single walled vent connector. Drip indicates sign of venting failure> recommend Level II inspection. No cleanout. Foil not allowed. Cannot wrap or mask connector with anything. I'd even call out painting since it masks corrosion and impending failure. Pipe looks like it may have a hump in it. Will probably require a listed liner. Large diameter tells me this is old, inefficient equipment.

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