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No 15 amp circuits


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It's more about what the wire will handle, not what you plug into it. All of the outlets and switches have to be rated for 20 amp on a 12g wire with a 20amp breaker.

As long as there are two or more receptacles on the circuit, you can use 15-amp or 20-amp receptacles on a 20-amp circuit. Check out 210.21(B)(3).

Switches are a little more tricky. If their loads are fixed, then they only need to be sized for the load that they control. If they control receptacles, then they should be sized to match the breaker that feeds the circuit. Check out 404.14(A) and (F).

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14 gauge wire can be bent with your fingertips. 12 gauge wire requires the ability to work with tools.

As Jim and Jim are saying, unless you have a single (not duplex) receptacle and it is the only receptacle on the circuit, 15-amp receptacles are fine on 20-amp circuits. The feed-through ampacity of 15- and 20-amp receptacles are the same. The purpose of using a 15-amp receptacle is to reject a plug that is suitable only for 20 amps, such as you might find on a portable air conditioner.

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