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What about this wallpaper?

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1879 house. I don't think this is original, but honestly, I don't know. It's stenciled with hand painted highlights and details.

Anyone know anything about this stuff?

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beautiful stuff. I don't know of any particular line of coverings that were intended to be hand enhanced. Like a "paint by number"?

There were two companies I remember that had paintable patterns in the '20's : Waverly and I believe John Seven of Toronto.

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I've had the chance to go back and take a 2nd look. It might even be silk screening of some sort.

There are some tears and minor damage so I could get a look at the paper. It's really old paper and adhesive. Old. I can't imagine it would be 1879 old, but its old. It really is quite remarkable. This stuff is not like anything I've ever seen. The pictures don't do it justice.

House's been jacked back and forth in deals for the last 30 years and finally went to foreclosure. Nobody knows nothing and I'm not that jacked to tunnel in and do that much research on it. I'll let the customers; I think they're going to buy it.

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About 20 years ago I almost bought the cheapest home in a very expensive town. The house was very old, needed a lot of work, and wound up being more than I could have reasonably taken on. It had something similar on the dining room walls. I was looking forward to stripping the walls and painting them because I thought the murals were ugly.

Someone who knew a little about art and history bought the house and recognized the murals as something of value. Turns out they'd been painted by some famous muralist or other. I read an article in the local paper that they preserved the plaster while renovating the house to the great relief of the local historical society.

Not sure if there's any real value in the walls in your photo, but it could be art worth saving.

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Something is niggling at the back of my mind,

I'm certain I've heard/read about this somewhere but right now it's like the Titanic - too deep to reach. Maybe it will come to me in the middle of the night when I'm sound asleep. It's amazing how many times I recall stuff that way.



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