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Christening a house, so to speak

Jerry Simon

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Under plumbing. . .

Nature called, big-time. As I walked out of the bath, came face-to-face with my client. I did mention a bit before about a brief break I had to take, but the break wasn't gentle; marked my territory quite well so to speak. My client more than noticed.

Client was personable and truly nice up until that point. Ever since, cold as a statue.

While this was certainly offensive, however by no means avoidable (a quite sudden urgency we've all had), is the fact that my client was/is Chinese a factor? Or, would anyone have been taken back as much by this unfortunate event?

Guest bath, by the by; did not christen his master bath. . .

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You said '...his bath'. So your client was the seller?

Oriental custom may well have figured into his reaction, but your use of his bathroom without his clear understanding would've been plenty enough alone, for anyone.

Yeah, big mistake.

I've done it.[:-paperba


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