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GFCI problem?


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Well it isn't your problem, unless you somehow feel that you caused the issue. You've found an issue and reported it. That's all you're required to do. You aren't obligated to spend time trying to diagnose the problem for the client. That's what electricians are for. If you're curious about the root cause, ask the client to call you and let you know what the issue was, once the electrician has checked things out, discovered what the issue is and has corrected it.

About the crawlspace. You said it is tight in there and that some areas are under 18 inches. That could be true, but unless clearance under the beams is less than 12 inches it should be fully accessible. I've been as heavy as 262 and have still been able to get all the way through 18 inch deep crawls and under beams 12 inches off the surface. It ain't easy. In fact, it's a royal pain in the butt and is physically very tough and dirty work, but it's the job. Keep in mind that chances are that crawl is where the electrician will find the open J-box under the joists with the wires from the conduit feeding those exterior outlets disconnected.



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You are right of course, this problem is just really bugging me because the house passed an inspection a year ago and the current owner thinks the outdoor outlets worked in the past. I keep thinking there is tripped GFCI hiding somewhere that I can't find.

By the way, if you weighed 262 and were squeezing under 12" beams in a crawl space then, if may paraphrase Rudyard Kipling - You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!


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It used to be pretty tight. I'd exhale, pull under as far as I could and then push like hell with my feet. Every once in a while my danged belt would hang up and give me a hard time. It wasn't too bad if I was squeezing through on my back, but it was a royal pain when going under on my stomach. Got stuck once - took me about 20 - 25 minutes to wriggle loose. Anyway, those were the good old days. I dropped a whole lot of that weight a while back. Now it's a whole lot easier.

OT - OF!!!


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