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Adding graphics into reports

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I have the Code Check stuff in the library, but hardly use it anymore. It's amazing what turns up when one googles a condition; I grab a lot of stuff out of the interweb.

Probably/certainly violating copyrights on some of it. If someone is serious, they watermark it nowadays, so I use the un-watermarked stuff.

I've been building my own library out of my own pics......another advantage of having a facile DB.

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I have folders of photos I took of 'good examples of work' and 'things'.. So folks understand..

(Insulation baffles, soffit vents, submersible pumps, proper wiring, etc). They have the phrase 'EXAMPLE' printed on them by me.. Proper flashing (base/counter), etc..

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I just use links in my reports. That avoids any issues with copyrights.

The issue with this method is the link may not always work, or even point to what you intend it to.

That's true but I check each link before it goes into the report. Some of you may think that I am being lazy but my report already opens in my customer's browser so clicking the link provides instant information. Of course you should only link to reputable sites such as manufacturer sites etc.

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