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John Dirks Jr

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As much as I hate to do it, its time to get another printer. My HP 4160 has done well over many years but its getting worn out and not reliable.

What kind of printers are are you all using? What do you recommend I get? One of my main considerations is cost of replacement ink. I have a dedicated scanner so I don't need an all in one machine but I could go either way.

I do not print reports. Just agreements, graph paper for WDIO diagrams and a few other types of business related stuff.

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Find a local printer for your agreements; get 'em carbonless copy if you still want to use paper. Mine end up being around 35 cents each. If I wanted to go online with a printer, I could probably get them cheaper. I buy graph paper pretty damn cheap.

I may start with signatures on the iPad, but for 35 cents I'm slow to change.

I've been a 99.999% paperless office for 20 years. There's all sorts of ways around paper.

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HP Officejet Pro 8500A Premium. I got it at discount on account of a short lived HP 8500 before it. Got an enormous headache on that 8500 but that was redeemed by the replacement 8500A Premium. It's worked very reliably and must be 4, 5 yrs old now. I'd get another one.

I don't think my annual ink costs are over $150. I don't print reports, just everything else - SOPs, contracts (ipad coming any day now), etc. Wife uses it to for her business too.


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I'm using HP Envy 5660 and very happy with it.

John Callan

I'll give this one a try. I'll also try the Ink subscription plan with HP. They monitor your ink levels and automatically send cartridges as needed. $4.99 per month lets you get up to 100 pages per month. If you go over (I won't) it's $1 per 20 pages. They have other plans too. This printer also does automatic double sided printing which will cut my paper consumption almost in half.

All my ink needs for $60 per year sounds better than what I've been paying thusfar.

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