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conduit fill

John Dirks Jr

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This 1" armored conduit was stuffed with at least 22 THHN conductors during a past panel upgrade. This will be a first for me writing up excessive conduit fill. You'd be hard pressed to fit another conductor in there. The conduit was at least 15' long passing through garage attic before disappearing into house attic.

I'm pretty sure form past discussions on here that this is wrong so I'm writing it up. Do you concur?

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I once went round with an electrician who bundled his romex out of the box through a big piece of sked 40 in pursuit of neatness. I finally gave up and let him have his neat since in a typical dwelling most of the load is inactive most of the time anyway.

That is allowed for surface mount panels. The sleeve needs to be 18" or longer as well as other conditions.

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