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New Deals at Indian Motorcycles

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Yo, All!

Don't know if any of you are interested; but up until February 29th Indian Motorcycles has a special "Resolution to Ride" deal going on. The deal is 3.99% for 36 months or 5.99% for 72 months or 0% for 6 months on the purchase of any new Chief, Vintage Chief, Classic, Chief Dark Horse, Chieftain or Roadmaster bike; or a 1.99% for 72 month deal on any new Scout or Scout Sixty. All model year 2015 and 2016 bikes come with a 2-year factory warranty.

At the same time, Indian is running an "Honoring Heroes" Military, Police, Fire promotion. This deal provides for a redeemable $1,000 incentive coupon on the purchase of any MY 15 or MY 16 Cruiser, Bagger or Touring bike (Scout and Scout Sixty Excluded); and a $500 accessory and apparel bonus r the purchase of a Scout or Scout Sixty.

To get in on this deal one must provide proof of one of the following: 1.) Valid U.S. Military ID 2.) Valid Canadian Armed Forced ID 3.) Proof of valid DD-214 or comparable official discharge papers showing honorable discharge 4.) Valid police or firefighter ID. The coupon can not be redeemed for cash but it can be combined with other current promotions. This program is available to all active, reserve, National Guard and retired military personnel plus active and retired police and firefighter personnel.

Interested personnel can download and print the coupon for the $1000 bonus at this link:

http://cdn.polaris.com/ind/2016/documen ... dec-us.pdf

and the coupon for the $500 bonus is at this link:

http://cdn.polaris.com/ind/2016/documen ... out-us.pdf.

Once a purchase is made, the dealer is responsible for verifying the customer's military, police or fire status and then the dealer fills out the coupon with the Customer's name, the Dealer's Name and ID Number, the Date of the Deposit on the bike and the VIN# of the bike and sends the coupon, attached to the original sales slip, to Polaris Rebates, 9955 59th Ave. N., Plymouth, MN 55442. The completed coupon and sales slip must be submitted to Indian within 30 days of the bike's registration date.

To learn more, visit the Indian Motorcycle website at: http://www.indianmotorcycle.com/en-US/special-offers

(Disclaimer: This is not spam; this is just one home inspector passing on some information that he thought some of his fellow inspectors who are active/retired military, police or fire might be interested in. Well, except for the Harley guys, that is; those Harley guys are probably more obsessed than Indian guys. Anyway, I do not work for Indian Motorcycles and I don't have a dog in this hunt. So why did I post this here? 'Cuz I just love Indians motorcycles and had just gone to their site to see what kind of new 2016 deals they've got going on and thought I'd pass this on. If any of you don't like the fact that I've posted this here, then have the moderators remove it so you'll forget about it and won't have a chance to benefit from the deal. Then go pound salt. [:-censore

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