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Elmira airtight wood burning cookstoves were very good, but I understand they sold that part of the company to Heartland. The new company continues to make excellent wood burners.

Ya'll still burning wood in the kitchen up there?


It's a new age thing, Marc. Food tastes better cooked on a wood fire, or something like that.

I see 2 or 3 wood burners in the kitchen in a given year. The airtights have an extra deep firebox.

Not something I personally miss from my childhood.

Wood warms you 5 times, the first 4 when you cut it, haul it, split it and stack it. [:)]

From grade school -

"Johnny, can you name 3 parts of a woodstove?"

"Lifter, leg and poker?"

"Report to my office after school" [:)]

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For almost 20 years our daily driver was a 1920's Odin gas range. We still have it in our barn and I'm positive that it would go back to work tomorrow without complaint. It has a really small four-burner cook top that just isn't practical.

When we remodeled our kitchen my choice was 30's O'Keefe & Merrit, 20's and 30's Chambers and some older Ropers and Norge models. My wife prevailed though and we have a 36 inch Blue Star.

I love our big range and it has a couple 32k btu burners that boil 2 qts of water in about two minutes, a simmer burner that will coddle water at 210 degrees and a giant oven. Still.... if we did again again, I'd work harder for the vintage range.

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Blue Star is the new classic imho. I fiddled with some old Chambers for a while, retro'd a Roper, toyed with a couple other behemoths, etc., but if one likes to cook, some of the new models rule.

Dacor makes a 30" that's solid, no bells or whistles, just pure function, a high btu output burner and a convection oven.

There's nostalgia and then there's cooking. It's a choice.

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