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oil furnace problems


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Thanks for the help


Maybe you have a bad filter and it is blocking the flow.

Rob said the filter had been changed.


That is my point. Maybe the new filter is defective in some way. Maybe the filter was installed improperly and is inhibiting the flow.

It seems like the installation of the filter coincided with the burner problems.

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OK, tank has plenty of oil. Filter changed after problem started.

Sorry about the smart a-- reply. anyway, appears to be ok now. did some minor cleaning and cleaned up the connections on the igniter and looks like I got it.

Now, where do I find replacement parts for a 40 plus year old M. Wards Signature model 55151A oil burning furnace? Anyone know? Going to do some maint. once warm weather kicks in in Va.


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Rob, likely the furnace is a gun type, so parts are pretty generic and available most anywhere. Oil furnaces are pretty basic, but easily screwed up. Change the filters, nozzle, regulate pressure and air - good to go! If you are not comfortable, then just hire a tech from your oil supply company.

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-If there is a stack temp sensor ti may be acting up due to soot, contacts,ect.

-The photo eye (cad cell) on the ignitor may be the cause.

-Cracked insulator on the ignitor electrode rods may be allowing an intermittent arc to occur.

- Wiring, loose connection.

- Transformer.

Parts: Depends what you are looking for. You can get parts for 60 year old burners, you just have to look a little harder sometimes depending on the manufacture. A lot of parts are adaptable with a little modification.

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