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Water heater power vent termination?


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Ok, the vent at the right is the power vent termination for a water heater. At the left is an HRV vent. Have a few questions. Isn't the water heater exhaust supposed to be 4 feet from any builiding openings or a foot above? I've never seen a high efficiency exhaust terminate flush with the siding like this, is it allowed? Also the damper appears to be for a bathroom exhaust, any problems with having a a damper? The termination location is only about a foot from the pathway to the front door as well. Im assuming that this is wrong as well? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The way I'm seeing that discharge is it stops short of the building envelope; it looks as if it could discharge inside the siding, and be retained in the building. Bad.

The pipe should discharge all the way to the exterior and be minimum 3' (that's our code anyway) from any building opening. 4' from the front door is OK, but check your local code.

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A power vent water heater isn't exactly a 'high efficiency' appliance so the vent requirements are a bit different.

Power Vent terminations should be at least 36" above any 'forced air inlet' within 10'. I think a HRV could be considered a forced air inlet - if that's the intake.

Power Vent terminations should be at least 4 feet below, 4 feet horizontally from or 1 foot above any door, window or other air inlet.

I think the louvered vent is for a dryer. Power vent water heaters usually come with a 40-45 degree PVC vent termination with screen insert.

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