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Helping a friend replace his roof. 30 years old. Insulation packed against the soffit vents. Insulation packed against the sheathing. Blocking 2/3 the way up the cathedral ceiling joist bays. No vents at the top. Other than that it was done nicely.

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So my friend built this house. His brother was a contractor, perhaps, that he helped a few times built some houses, or a house. I can tell the friend till I'm blue in the face about how it needs to be done and he'll still do it the way that he was taught. It is very insightful as to the mind set of probably most builders. People in general. I can't get my wife to quit leaving the sponge sopping wet in the sink. So I watch and think of all those houses that get flipped, etc. Need to always mention this vent the cathedral ceiling deal.

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You could have included that that was a Cedar shingle roof that you tore off.

The shingles allow air to escape, and the roofing paper was or should have been the perforated type that lets at least some air pass thru.

Too bad they waited about 5 years too long to tear that mess off..

I'm pretty sure Cedar roofing now has to be treated with fire retardant down your way, but maybe that's farther south?

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