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What Could This Be ?!?!

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I have no earthly idea of what could be causing this ?!?! (Just Kidding obviously..!!)

Just thought it had been awhile since I had seen a house with this issue, what about you??

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I thought, in error according to you, it may have been related to storage or charging of wet cell batteries, sewage, or any one of hundreds of chemical aerosols. I once lost nearly a whole tool trailer of finishing toos, because I stored paint remover under a workbench.

I missed the reference that this was in a house that had gypsum board installed.

I am just jerking your string.

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Les - lol , to your last comment. It was built in like 2005 I can't exactly recall.

Then the interior corrosion could indeed be a result of Chinese Drywall. The Chinese Drywall issue didn't hit until after Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts began in Sept 2005. Contaminated Chinese drywall was here well before 2000 but only in small amounts until Katrina/Rita.


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