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Fireplace Stone


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The contractor installed stone on outside walls and fireplace. The fireplace was not the same up to the mantle. the colors and stones were not random butt were large stone mostly the same color. Different from stone displayed in model home. Do I have any recourse?

This is the Model photo

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif fireplace model stone.jpg

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This is what was installed

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif new.pdf

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They both look awful. I don't see how the codes could provide much recourse.

What I'd consider is to get the name of the product manufacturer and product line, go online and get some examples of that product line from the manufacturer's website then compare them to your fireplace. That might show obvious, significant discrepancies with the actual installation and thus provide greater ammo for you to use against the builder.

If the builder has mixed products from different manufacturers or even different product lines, I don't see how the builder could prevail against you.


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The wood mantels look nice.

The rest (on both the model and your house) look typical for modern tract home construction. Lick & stick stone done by someone with absolutely no eye for design. I doubt that the installer even laid out the stones beforehand let alone spent any time considering what would go where.

You have little, if any, recourse. There just aren't any codes that govern this stuff. About the only thing that you could say is that it doesn't look like the model. (Not that that's such a lofty standard.)

The contractor is unlikely to budge.

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You don't have much recourse unless it is in the purchase contract. Structurally it looks OK. You don't like the artists creation. Laying stone requires some artistry.. Not all have the artistic desire in their work. Probably was a get done job by the installer.

The good side of it all is that you can tear out what you don't like and redo it. It is a relatively small area that you are dealing with so labor cost and materials are small.

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I agree with everything Jim said, except for the comment about the mantles. They fit perfectly with the rest of that slam together, wanna be, finish work. You might want to consider hiring someone with a bit of talent to start over, or maybe just decorate it to where it distracts from the obvious.

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