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Elevator Machine Room Lighting


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This is my first post here - so take it easy on me.

The local elevator inspector likes to pick on elevator machine rooms that do not provide sufficient lighting. The elevator code simply states that at least one incandescent light be provided. Any ideas on how to blast the elevator machine room with blinding light and exceed his expectations?

Thank you

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I don't blame the inspector. Most elevator machine rooms that I see are dim.

Does the code really specify an "incandescent" light? That's difficult to believe. He shouldn't have a problem with a really bright LED lamp in an incandescent fixture. It would run on regular power and emergency power, fit within the cage, and use less energy to boot. Plus, you could retrofit it into any existing setting.

In the future, why not specify multiple fixtures? Much better if one were to burn out.

And paint the room white. Makes a big difference.

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Your responses are great. What I will do is to call for white epoxy paint on floor, walls, ceiling. Then install 4' long LED light strips mounted on the WALLS near the ceiling. One strip for each wall = four total. That should satisfy his light meter. I'm not joking about the light meter either. He will use his big body to cast a shadow on the light meter and then call for additional lighting. A light on each wall should eliminate any shadows unless he sticks his light meter where the sun don't shine.

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incandescent is not specified

basics are

permanent electric lighting shall be provided in all elevator machine rooms and machinery spaces

the illumination shall be not less than 19 foot candle at the floor level

light switch is to be located in the machine room and placed near the machine room doorjamb (i add "strike plate/keeper side" for those with no commonsense)

luminaires must be lensed or equipped with wire guards to protect the lamps from breakage

any required lighting shall not be connected to the load side of a gfci

Rich, i understand your frustration

please understand overkill should be your last option

excessive glare may endanger those trades that may come after to service equipment

always remember compliance & keeping anyone safe is our intent

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Elevator installation requires to be compliant with ASME A17.1 - Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. Section Location of Equipment in Machine Rooms, Sub-paragraph (c) of this code requires that, “Elevator Machine Rooms shall be lit by permanently installed electric lighting with a lighting intensity of at least 200 lx (19 fc) at the floor level”.

This code required lighting intensity of 200 lx (19 fc) is what the inspector is measuring, with the light meter during the inspection. The inspector does not care, what type of light source is used, although incandescent lights should not be used, because that will not comply with the current energy code. Both fluorescent and LED lights are acceptable. To comply with this requirement, you may do a lighting design intensity calculation before the installation, to determine how many light fixtures are required. Also, take actual lighting intensity measurement after the installation, with a light meter to confirm that the 200 lx (19 fc) requirements are met, before calling in the inspector. The machine room and pit lighting, also required to be with guards.

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