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Cleaning a square dryer vent


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On my late 70's home, the clothes dryer exhaust vent transitions from round to rectangular inside the wall cavity then back to round at the top plate.  Problem is that it's badly clogged with lint and I don't know how to clean it.  I tried my 120 psi air compressor but it takes a brush to get it all off.  I think it's a 39-year accumulation.

Any ideas?  The only solution I can see is to run a new 4" round on the wall surface, but I'll have to penetrate several plywood layers on a wall cabinet before it arrives at the ceiling.

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Use the rotary duct cleaning brush on a drill along with a shop vac. Works well on round and I would imagine would do an adequate job on rectangular with a bit of extra effort and dilagence unless is is exceptionally narrow. The kit I use has a adaptor for a shop vac that is used in conjunction with the brush.

That or hire a duct cleaning company with the proper tools.


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12 hours ago, Bill Kibbel said:

I've seen square duct brushes but the smallest is probably 6x6".

Get a round brush and trim the bristles to square.

I've always relocated my laundry rooms so the dryer meets an exterior wall.

My floor plan doesn't leave me that option.  House is on a slab so I can't reasonably put a standpipe in a new location, but I like how you think.

Ordered a 4-inch rotary brush with 12 feet worth of extensions and will trim the brush a little on two opposite sides to fit the narrow dimensions of the rectangular duct.  It'll still clean 4 inch round if I spin it with my cordless drill.

Thanks to both of you.  I reckon I'll be filling a 5 gallon bucket at least half-full with lint before I'm done.

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Get a chimney cleaning flue kit, cut the brush to the size of the rectangular duct and run it up and down until it all falls to the bottom.  Vacuum as needed.  Then clean the round with the 4 inch rotary from the outside.  If you push any into the rectangular part, it'll fall to the bottom where you can vacuum it up.

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