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P trap directly into main stack


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Had an inspection today with a p trap plumbed directly into the main stack serving the furnace/A/C condensation line. The house was slab on grade built this year. Anything wrong with the configuration? If so, any code cite would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



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It's an indirect drain for non-potable, clear waste water. It's ok. The air gap prevents a sewer back up from fouling the heating/ cooling equipment. The only draw back may be if the heating/ cooling system goes unused long enough for the trap water to evaporate and lose the seal. That's a stretch though.  

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32 minutes ago, greyboy39 said:

Thanks for the clarification Chad. I initially thought it could potentially back siphon as a result of being too near the main stack. 

The air gap isn't big enough. I shouldn't have said "OK".   Honestly, I thought you were asking if it was OK because it was an indirect connection. I just spent 7 or 8 horrible minutes reading the plumbing code. It's all in chapter 8 of the IPC. I'll email it to you if you want.


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