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Sometimes you wonder!


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I once inspected a 1928 Tudor in Boston area and found a collapsed flue-tile liner (from looking up in the clean-out at the basement). I took a photo.. and 'you need a new liner' etc. Seller had the work done, buyer hired me to 'check the new liner'.. I did the same thing.. looked up the clean-out, found a torn-apart-to-pieces (spirally) new metal liner.  "you need it re-done".   It was re-done. I go back, now see a good liner from clean-out, but to get to the top, it meant erecting a 21' LG and carrying up a 13' LG to make it to the top (it was actually very easy but a pain). I get to the top---the 'tube' is now just 'cut and ended above the cap/wash'.. .no 'cap' on it, etc. "Fix it right". They fix it. I go back.. same drill with the 2 ladders...   this time.. a text-book job.... 


...and the chimney-company-owner's cell phone left up there...     Oy...  Four trips just to make sure this was done right...   

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