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Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors

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Good morning,

 The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors ®️(EBPHI) is looking for new Directors.

 The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors®️  (EBPHI) is an independent not-for-profit organization whose mission is to establish the standard of competence for home inspectors and to enhance consumer confidence in home inspection professionals. EBPHI, founded in 1999, maintains and administers the National Home Inspector Examination®️ (NHIE), a content-valid examination for use by regulatory bodies in assessing competency for regulatory purposes.

EBPHI Board of Directors and its responsibilities

EBPHI is governed by a board of directors whose members represent home inspectors and the home buying public. Directors are expected to:

·    At all times advocate and promote use of the National Home Inspector Examination in regulatory processes in their own states, in other states and in federal regulation as needed.

·    Promptly and thoughtfully respond to issues and concerns brought before the Board at any time.

·    Diligently strive to educate themselves on the science of psychometrics (test development), to ensure that the National Home Inspector Examination remains credible, valid, reliable and defensible.

·    Participate in three in-person meetings each year and in conference call meetings as needed.

·    Be available to present information about EBPHI and the NHIE to legislators, regulators, home inspectors and others to enhance acceptance of the examination.

Please visit our website at WWW.HomeInspectionExam.org for additional information.

Should you be interested in completing an application email me at AmeriSpec@Bellsouth.net.

Thank you,

 Charles Gifford

President Elect

Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors

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8 hours ago, Chad Fabry said:

I'm considering applying for the position on the board. Have any of you done this in the past?

I have not, but I have participated in one of their NHIE Exam review, brainstorming sessions in the Chicago area.  This was many years ago and I was honored to have been selected to participate along with many other well-respected inspectors from around the USA.

At the time Texas was not using any portion of the NHIE.  Since then our Texas TREC has changed the exam rules and NHIE is used for most of the exam with a module tailored for Texas.  I think some other states now do similar.


Best wishes for you Chad if you proceed to dive in.  You will do very good.

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hey Chad, 

I have been involved for abt 10yrs in various tasks.  JD Grewell and I had a ball every year doing the SME and role delineation.  You would like it and fit into the org perfectly.

It is not a bunch of fluff, but there are some really good times.  More academic than most imagine.


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