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March 2018 meeting minutes from NJ Home Inspectors Advisory Board;


Incoming Correspondence Nick Gromicko, Founder, InterNACHI RE: InterNACHI Marketing Program January 25, 2018

Mr. Gromicko responded to the Committee’s request for additional information regarding a proposed marketing program which would provide real estate agents with a complimentary prelisting inspection on homes for sale which could be uploaded to their on-line property listings. 3 Mr. Gromicko stated that this marketing program has not yet been launched. He further advised that he would address any further questions from the Committee regarding the program’s development and InterNACHI’s intentions if requested.


Can someone explain the end game here?

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Nacho was planning on using their fee calculator to pay nacho members to perform prelisting inspections. He got a lot of pushback for promoting "free" home inspections. At about the same time there were 3 other prelisting programs launched, and he shifted gears to his commercial inspection association. It was all over Facebook about 6 months ago. 

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Lots of laughs and thanks for sharing.

I take every chance to unload on franchise types in any business, from burgers to bakeries to any kind of service.

A couple of times I have had gigs cancelled by franchise offerings, rendered by realtors, of "coupons" off my price.

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