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I've seen several like that.  Some disabled folks are only able to raise their feet so far.  Need low rise stairs.  Maybe they're for a relative who visits.  I'd want the guards and rails but don't see an issue with the stairs themselves.


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That's what I call and "are we there yet?" stairway. They always make me feel like I'm walking up the "down" escalator. 

When I was coming up, I learned two basic rules about stair geometry: 

  1. If at all possible, make the rises 7" and the treads 11". 
  2. If that's not possible, make them fit these parameters: 
    1. 2 rises + 1 tread = 24" - 25"
    2. 1 rise + 1 tread = 17" - 18"
    3. 1 rise x 1 tread = 70" - 77"

 BTW, we also used 7/11 for door hinges - 7" from the top and 11" from the bottom. 





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