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Is It still a FPE panel

Tom Rollins

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I need some extra information and some help on this subject. Is it still a FPE breaker panel when all the breakers in the panel are replaced with Challenger breakers? Does it or could it still have problems where the breakers make contact to the bus bar? I would think it cost more to replace the breakers then the whole panel. I still wrote it up as a FPE panel and to have it checked by an electrical contractor.

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If I were you, I'd still express extreme reservations about that panel and advise the clients that it's better to be safe than sorry. The breakers were only part of the problem with FPE panels. Another significant problem, and probably why there's still reason to be concerned, is the way that the breakers plug into the bus bar instead of clamping onto it like most systems. Douglas Hansen covers that in his paper FPE Panels - Hazard or Hype? that is downloadable here on TIJ at this link.

Download a copy and then email it to the client and any realtors involved. Bet when you do that the questions will stop.



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