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Penetrations through Stucco


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Does anyone have illustrations of the proper way to seal penetrations through Stucco exterior?

I know how it's suppose to be done, but both my SMA manual and my TLPCA manual do not have illustration details for things like exterior outlets, light fixtures, gas lines, etc.

The EIFS part does, but I'd be called on the carpet in no time for using those!!!

Thanks All,

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If you've got the SMA manual you need to look at General Details. In there, you'll find diagrams for how to do

  • Expansion Joint Patch/Infill joints
  • Balcony Railings
  • Glass Block
  • Horizontal Pipe Railings
  • Sloped Sills
  • Hose Bibs
  • Stucco Wall Penetrations
It will depend on what you're trying to seal and at what stage you are trying to do it.

OT - OF!!!


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Lol... Bob, you beat me at the punch and I was going to word my question pretty much as you did! Lol. I had no idea the Stucco industry had their own organization or manual. I bet that came about with EIFS. It used to simply be a part of masonry.

SMA manual... I want one! I LOVE my BIA and NCMA Tech Notes manuals. They are amazing.

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