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Whole Home Mixing Valve

Dave K.

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Came across this nifty item out on inspection this last week. The house was new construction in Oro Valley a suburb of Tucson. Turns out  these whole home mixing valves are finding their way in new home builds in some townships. I was curious on its function and wanted to share my findings.  The mixing valve has 3 distinct benefits:

1. Allows for higher temperatures in the hot water tank, thus extending available hot water. 

2. Prevents bacteria growth ( Legionella ) when the hot water tank is set to 140 to 180 degree F. 

3. Less fear of scalding water at the shower, tub, and sink. 

** Source Honeywell   




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I've gotten to 65 without ever suffering any consequences from hot water not above 120 degrees and since only the spouse and I live in our house, equipped with a 30 gallon heater, this mixer thing is just something else that can go wrong.

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They've used them here for quite a while as well. I think it's silly to put them on the whole house. They're best used on the lines that lead to tubs with separate hot & cold valves or to all the tub & shower valves. Then you can guarantee 120-degree (or less) hot water to those fixtures while having hotter water to things like the washer &  dishwasher. 



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