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Twistoflex chimney column

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I love giving credit where it is due, but I would never include these comments in my all-business report.  I get paid to find not to gush.

Anyway this mason had to find his way from the hearth to the middle of the roof ridge, so he did it with a spiral corbel.  Not sure how he worked out his liners!




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Here before mid-60's, it was common to add just one clay liner at the top for looks. In an older house, if you don't shine a light in there or take a pic with a flash, there is no guarantee of a lined chimney.

I will call out any unlined chimney for repair. New rules demand full scaffolding and fall protection for a mason before he can even repoint the outside. Old chimneys are a liability because there is no cheap fix and fire insurance keeps going up.

Cheapest and best is a conversion to NG with a metal liner.

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