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Electric Dryer Hazardous Venting


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I'm very concerned about the rental I moved into. Specifically the electric dryer's exhaust venting. It seems to be leaving a thin coat of lint all over everything in the home including our bed and dog's water dish. The pathway contains several 90 degree elbows and even one upside down vertical channel before exiting to the exterior of the home. In total some 30 ft. Can anyone give me more information on the safety of something like this? It's also seem to have lost integrity in several seems and fittings. Thank You









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It's just your average crappy dryer duct installation as Jim & Les said. The duct should be as short and straight as possible and air-tight (or nearly so). 

If lint is getting out, so is water vapor, which will cause condensation problems in the winter - unless you live in Denver or someplace like that. 

As for the lint, it's not particularly dangerous. It's just really little pieces of your clothing. 

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Thank you all for your input. This is a converted duplex in which the landlord stated he, "Did most of the work himself." I'm hoping others will give more insight and maybe suggest how to approach the landlord with more tangible leverage in fixing the problem.

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I'd clean the dryer appliance and exhaust duct of all lint.  You need a tool to remove packed lint.  They're not expensive.  After that, and everything is back in place, turn the dryer on and see how much air is coming out at the exhaust duct termination.  If you think it's borderline, pull the dryer forward enough to remove the exhaust duct connection from the dryer, turn it on again and feel the air coming from the dryer itself.  That should tell you if you've got too much constriction in the dryer duct.

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On 8/12/2020 at 5:35 AM, Les said:

I saw nothing good about it.  Too long (likely), wrong materials, wrong fasteners, etc.  google the installation manual for that particular dryer.  Cost you more for energy also. 


I don't disagree with the sentiment. Can you speak a little more to wrong materials and wrong fasteners?

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