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I'm a WA State licensed pest inspector so I am familiar with wood destroying insects and typical conditions. I found this strange coating on wood in crawlspace, not able to determine what it's from, fungi growth? It  was real firm when probed. This place is a little cabin located in the blue mountains.     




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7 minutes ago, Jim Katen said:

It looks like one of those really hard mushroom thingies that you just about need a table saw to cut through. 

I assume you told them to pull all that crap out of there. 

Yes I told them to remove it, however it's the least of the concerns.  Place has a substandard post and pier foundation with numerous issues, significant wood rot.  

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From your photos, it looks similar to wood destroying fungus also known as sporing fungal growth. Not uncommon for it to start on the cellulose and transfer to the masonry. We find many iterations of this here in North Carolina and it typically is the direct result of persistent moisture contact, or elevated levels of moisture below the home. You may find that the wood still feels sound when probed, but will quickly exhibit wood  rot once the moisture source is eliminated. 

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